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This site used to be known as the Stock Car Racing Archive Photo Album - a title I came up with back in 2000 when I first decided to put my stock car racing photographic collection onto the web. However, I have long since felt it needed replacing with something a bit more "snappy" - excuse the pun please - hence the birth of Retro Stox! The format is really the same as the old site, albeit with a lot more content, featuring photographs of UK stock car and hot rod racing from yesteryear taken from my own collection and is an unashamed trip down nostalgia avenue - pure and simple!

Apart from a couple of photos in the 1960s section taken by my grandfather, all others were taken by myself over the years, either from the terraces and stands as a spectator or from the infield during my spells as an official photographer. Please excuse the picture quality of the 1960s and early 1970s shots as they were taken using an old rangefinder camera with a cheap lens and I was just a young lad learning about photography at the time! Even if all the material depicted was well before your time, I hope you'll still take some enjoyment from the collection.

All the pics were taken on good old 35mm film and, looking back, I wish I had a pound for every hour I spent in the confines of a cramped darkroom accompanied by the less than pleasant odours of photographic chemicals and straining my eyesight by working in the dim glow of an orange safelight. Oh to have had the convenience of digital photography back then! The negatives and slides have been introduced to the digital age courtesy of a Nikon 35mm film scanner, a wonderful piece of kit.

There isn't much chance of the site continuing to grow in size in the foreseeable future although I may add or change a few pics from time to time. Note that the year I have captioned each photo with may not be 100% accurate due to my filing system being somewhat hap-hazard. Unfortunately I neglected to date some of the files at the time they were taken which means in some cases I have had to rely on memory but the ones I have estimated should be pretty close and hopefully no more than a year out.

You are welcome to email me with any queries or corrections.

I hope you enjoy the site - please come back soon.

Note: Regular visitors to the site may have noticed that I now have to display my copyright watermark across the middle of the pics. This was something I had always tried to avoid doing as I appreciate it does spoil the look of them somewhat, but due to a certain individual copying my photos, cropping them so that the watermark was not displayed and then trying to sell them as prints on EBay, I have been forced into this necessary action in an attempt to reduce these acts of theft from happening. I have also come across certain other oval racing related websites using pics obviously lifted from this site and re-cropped. What I find annoying is that people only have to ask if they want to use my pics for non-commercial use and I will be happy to oblige. Simply taking pics from this site without my knowledge, however, is completely out of order!


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